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Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour

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It’s taken me a while to find an all-purpose gluten free flour that I can use with most traditionally non-gluten free recipes. When I thumb through my grandmother’s recipes, this is the flour I grab to recreate her cookies.

Kohlrabi, Fresh Fruit and Humble Roots farm


Last week I visited one of our local farmer’s markets. It’s located on the grounds of an old plantation that’s been turned into a sight-seeing and locale for many events. And with all of the local farmers and artists, it was even more magical. Spring, in our little Southern town, means that Azaleas decorate most […]

Almond Flour Flat Muffins

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There’s no pretty name for these things. In fact, they aren’t all that pretty either. But they are good. That, I can promise. And around my house, my personal favorite way to eat them is to pile them with eggs, avocado and veggies (and maybe a little hot sauce or salsa). As for my children, […]