Coming Undone. Unshackled.

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i viewed this video recently [just the first 15 minutes]. it’s a monologue. and it will change you.

it should do something like this to you:


when i watched it i felt the momma bear in me rise up. the freedom fighter. the woman who stands up for justice for those without a voice. because there are so very many women who have been shut down by people who have intimidated their voice. strong women, silenced.

that is injustice.

women who have much to say, quietened. told they are intimidating and rude. covered in veils. made to hide. because someone else is afraid of their strength – their beauty.

watch this video. and find your sisters in need. you know them. and if you are already unshackled, undone, then you must help them unlatch those shackles.

you are going after the one, just like Jesus.

one sister at a time. one daughter at a time. one mother at a time. one wife at a time.

get outraged. get pissed.

and then get free.

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