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my heart behind Taste and See Wellness is to see women choosing to live well.

so very many of us marry, eat, exercise, choose friendships and jobs out of places in our hearts that are void. so we over eat, or marry poorly, or choose friendships that constantly take, or we under eat, or we stay in a job that barely pays and definitely doesn’t compliment our dreams. and we wonder why we feel void.

the reasons are long. usually deep. and often times forgotten. all we know is that we’re sad. in pain. feel ugly. too fat. too skinny. dissatisfied. afraid. hurt. betrayed.

we’ve forgotten who we are.

we’ve been told over and over that if we performed better, looked better, sounded better, cooked better, worked out more, were nicer, quieter, louder, made more money…we’d feel better. but we don’t.

we’ve forgotten who we are.

and we’ve forgotten that we were made to be free.

we’ve forgotten our birth-rights.

it’s time you are reminded.

[watch this. and remember.]


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