Organic Homemade Foaming Soap

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Have you ever read the back of those wonderfully smelling (foaming) hand soaps from Bath and Body Works? Yikes. I recognize some of the ingredients, but those were also the ones that made me cringe. And the ones I didn’t recognize I knew was just adding to the list of no’s I was compiling on why excess chemicals should stay away from mine, and my children’s, bodies. There’s been research on ingredients in anti-bacterial soaps that gave me good reason to pause about what I was using to wash the hands and bodies in my household.

So I took a few of my soap dispensers, previously filled with vibrantly chemically-colored soaps and gave them a happier purpose of holding a soap that if ingested, I won’t have to call poison control. With warm water and this foaming soap, your skin will be clean and you will likely avoid skin irritation and other negative complications from harsh chemicals in traditional bar or liquid anti-bacterial soaps.

Remember, your skin is the largest organ in your body. Your skin is filled with pores that are like open windows into the internal side of your body. While we can’t avoid all toxins on our skin, we can effectively control what is put on our skin in our own homes. And this recipe is so simple, so inexpensive, works so well, leaves your skin so refreshed and moisturized, that you’re going to make it once and never look back. I promise.

Plus, when your children realize they can make this soap and love using it, it becomes a novelty and a fun way of teaching them how to care for their bodies. Empowering our children should be fun.

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You can buy soap dispensers here or you can do what I did and repurpose the bottles you have that you’d previously bought or been gifted. There are many online stores that sell various different sized foaming dispensers. So look around until you find the size that fits your needs best. You may find that you want a few small ones and then a couple large ones for bathing, rather than just hand soap.

You’re going to love how smooth this soap is. A little goes a long way. And use the essential oil that you love best – don’t be afraid to use a few drops of tea tree oil for the hand soap dispensers to aid in naturally killing germs. You know your family best; so you choose the essential oil that best suites your crew. My daughters love the smell of lavender and even ask me to put drops on them as perfume. So naturally, that was my choice.

These would even make for a really fun gift from students to teachers, too. Enjoy it all and pat yourself on the back for taking one more toxin off the table for your family’s sake.

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Organic Homemade Foaming Soap
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • distilled water
  • castille soap
  • essential oil
  • foaming soap dispenser
  1. in 8-8.5 oz soap dispenser, pour distilled water so that it is about 1½" from top of dispenser
  2. pour in 2Tbs of castille soap (I used Dr. Bonner's lavender for this batch)
  3. add 8-10 drops of preferred essential oil
  4. screw on dispenser lid
  5. swirl ingredients together and test pump
  6. NOTE: make sure to put water in dispenser prior to castille soap to avoid soap bubbling over


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