Lemonade Beer

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Disclaimer: if you have any inflammatory-related disease, autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue or digestive issues, please don’t make this recipe.

But, if you know that your body is healthy and you’re eating a clean diet simply because you appreciate the benefits of feeding your body well, then this little recipe is going to make your Sunday Summer afternoons a little more sunny.

The story behind this drink, for me, goes back to Munich, Germany around 2001. I took a month long study abroad trip, to finish my college career, with a dear friend. And in the Hofbrauhaus (a huge beer house. imagine a ski lodge with rows upon rows of wooden tables with folks drinking beer and singing songs. it’s the jolliest place in town.) in Munich, we sipped these drinks from large beer steins. The combination is simply that: lemonade and beer. And the proportions of which are up to you. For the purpose of making this easy, for you, I’ll give you the ratio of lemonade-to-beer that I used.

My strong suggestion is to use a gluten-free beer akin to a Corona or light pilsner. And I’d also get a lemonade that is organic. Why? Just because. That’s why.

And have fun with this. Make it with fresh lemon and lime slices and/or berries in it.

This drink wants you to sit back in the sunshine, maybe on your hammock, and enjoy being outside. Life is good and should be a healthy balance. Moderation. And this little drink is gonna make your Summer happily moderated. Enjoy.


Lemonade Beer
Recipe type: gluten free beverage
Serves: 2
  • 1 16oz gluten free light beer
  • 3 cups organic lemonade
  • lemon and lime slices
  • ice
  1. in a pitcher, mix beer and lemonade over a generous amount of ice
  2. transfer lemonade beer mixture into glasses (with ice)
  3. add fruit as desired

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