Pigs in a Pancake

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When you cook for 4 children, some nights breakfast is the only thing that suits everyone’s palates. ::picky palates::

So take this simple little recipe and give it a try. You won’t be sorry. Let’s just say that EVERY single picky person ate at least 3 of these little piggies, if not more. Some ate 5. Or 6. I won’t say who. As if they care. All they could say was “YUMMMM…”

And that night, we all lived happily ever after.

Whip up some gluten free pancake batter. Throw a little olive oil or dairy free butter (you can go here to see the kind we use) onto your skillet and once hot, pour pancake batter to make about 3″ in diameter pancakes.

sausage pancakes-1

Once the batter sets, put your already cooked sausage on the pancake. Place it so that it’s off-center a bit. Once the bottom of the cake is cooked, gently fold the pancake over the sausage – it will form a little sandwich, of sorts.

sausage pancakes-2TIP: if you’re cooking for a crowd, go ahead and make your other warm sides (for us it was scrambled eggs) prior to making the pancakes. turn your oven to 200 and keep the sides warm as well as the finished pancakes. place them on a cookie sheet and when they’re all finished, everyone can enjoy a warm meal together.

sausage pancakes-3The finished product should look something like this. Each cake can be eaten with a fork, or if not cut you can pick it up and simply dip it in your maple syrup and eat it like a little sandwich. We PROMISE that this is a crowd pleaser!

sausage pancakes-4

Remember to print it, Pin it and share it on Facebook with your friends. They’ll thank you!

Pigs in a Pancake
Recipe type: gluten free
Cuisine: breakfast - dinner
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 20
NOTE: if your family doesn't like sausage, you can easily sub chicken instead.
  • 1-2lbs sausage (link sausage works best) cooked
  • gluten free pancake batter (enough to make 20 pancakes - roughly 2 cups gluten free flour)
  • butter or olive oil
  • syrup or honey
  1. pour pancake batter onto heated skillet
  2. once batter is partially cooked, place one piece of sausage off-center on the cake and turn one side of the cake over the sausage to form a sandwich
  3. allow pancake to cook through before removing
  4. place in oven at 200F to keep warm until ready to eat
  5. serve with maple syrup or honey



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