The Roar

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Hi old friend.

I’ve neglected to write for some time now for quite a few reasons. But what a relief to be back.

This site will be getting a facelift in the near future, but with a little prompting I was convinced that the content needed to continue regardless of how perfect the space to broadcast it may, or may not, be. What a weight lifted when we realize that we can fully engage in a thing even if it’s not perfect yet. So here I am, engaging in the thing I love most…sharing my heart with you.

Oh how my heart is so full of life to share with you.

There is a special thing in all of us. It’s our stories, our giftings, our blessings, our failures, our mess-ups, our victories, our triumphs. All of that messy mess is what I want to share with you.

I’ve been quiet for a while as I let the Lord speak to my heart over some lies that I’ve been believing. They’ve paralyzed my voice as I’ve been afraid. If you know me, you know that I don’t lack words. I’ve stared at this screen for so long wanting to write, but frozen. As I listened to the story of a woman walking out of a marriage filled with verbal abuse and trauma, I felt my spirit stir. Her story inspired me and gave me courage. But, she told me, it was my own story that had given her courage many years prior. That was the stirring. I had forgotten. And I hadn’t realized I’d forgotten. I’d let my footing slip and began to still believe the old lies, that were still being repeated, and spoken over me.

Yuck. And no thanks.

There’s a beautiful story here sent to me by that brave woman I spoke of.  Take time to read this. And may it speak to your heart like it did mine.

Everyone of us have something that stops us from pursuing our destinies. It could be regret, shame, unforgiveness, bitterness or maybe it’s the literal voice of another who is speaking against you. Whatever your roar is, I want you to walk towards it and quit running away from it. Hear me on this, the roar stirs up something in you that is real and not to be ignored. You were created with an innate intuition to sense danger and run from it. It’s your physical body’s response to remove itself from danger. That’s good – you were made wonderfully. But you were also made fearfully. And I don’t mean, in fear. I mean that you were made to be feared. The real lion in the Serengeti knows this about its self. It is a well-respected animal because of its sheer understanding of who he is. Now it’s your turn to learn. You are more powerful, brave, courageous and steady than any of the lies you’re believing.

I have been told that my witness as a Christian is crap. It is not. I have been told that I am beloved and precious and within the same breath told that I should be ashamed of who I am. Beloved and precious I am. Ashamed, I will never be.  Lies only roar. They feel scary because they try to threaten the core of who you are and why you exist. But they only roar. They can’t shape you unless you run scared.

Daughters, lift up your chins and walk directly towards the lies that you’re believing or hearing and tell them to stand down. You are NOT those things. You are the strategic, intelligent, wise, patient, and fierce lioness waiting in the bush. You are far from anything less than amazing. You were made from man and then bore man. You were the first to see the Son of Man rise and tell the world the good news. You grow life, sustain life and nurture life. You are absolutely positively the most exquisite of all of creation and you must promise yourself, this very minute, that you will never run away from the roar ever again. In fact, chase down that dumb roar and look it square in the eyes and say, “No. Not in this lifetime. You don’t get my voice, my time, my affection, my joy or my life. You are a coward shouting in the wind trying to scare me and I am standing up to you. You don’t scared me anymore. Today, I get to take back from you. I am a forgiving, forgiven, gracious, smart, capable, and powerful daughter of the Most High King who paid a mighty price for me to live. So I will live and live well. You may stand and shout and color yourself with self-righteousness, but I am not fooled or impressed and I won’t stop my life because you feel like you get a say in it. Not in my life.”

And any time you feel fear gripping you again, picture that lion that has plagued you – stare him in the eyes again and don’t walk away until you’ve regained your footing.

You are responsible for you. Not the lion.

You don’t have to have life perfect in order to fully pursue the thing that sets your soul on fire. You just have to have courage.

So hold your hands out and receive. I freely give you every ounce of courage that my life has stored up. I give it to you by way of my praying for all of you and by you taking my story and knowing that if I can stand against the lion, then so can you.

Run sister girls. Run fiercely towards the thing that scares you and don’t stop. It is in that place that you are going to thrive and come fully alive. Because what the enemy meant to destroy you with, God himself will use to save the lives of many. In a hurting world, I dare you to face your fears and see what happens.

Heavenly Father, bless the lives of your daughters and teach us to go boldly into the world as our Victorious Warrior marches in the front lines with us.

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